UPDATED 27 September 2021

Thank you for abiding by our tournament and practice mandates during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Because of your willingness to work with us, we successfully completed our 2020-21 season with ZERO transmissions of COVID in 400 team practices or 92 tournaments.  Our mandates and recommendations stem from the CDC guidelines and Williamson County Health Department’s guidelines and recommended behaviors for each stage.

  • Masks optional for all athletes in games and practices
  • Masks optional for all fully vaccinated coaches
  • Masks optional for all fully vaccinated spectators
  • Masks optional for all coaches and spectators not fully vaccinated
  • No limits for spectators at Austin Velocity activities

Please refrain from attending activities if you have symptoms or recent exposure to a COVID-19 individual.  If your athlete contracts COVID-19, please notify us so that we may give you an appropriate timeline for return to play.

PLEASE NOTE: Austin Velocity Volleyball Club reserves the right to return to our previous Practice Mandates should cases rise suddenly in our area for an extended period of time.

Again, we are grateful for your work in helping us provide an opportunity to play volleyball for our athletes.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Many thanks,

Austin Velocity Volleyball



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